Must-Have Holiday Survival Apps for Your iPhone

Balloon Christmas TreeThe holidays are upon us and we’re more than a little excited. And, well, a little nervous because the holidays can be stressful. Buying gifts, traveling, finding the best deals, decorating, and handling all of the people coming into one of our four MacExperience stores looking for the best Christmas gifts (ok that last one just applies to us) we’re going to be busy. So to help with your holiday needs, we’ve compiled this quick list of must-have apps for the holidays. These are good year-round, but from Thanksgiving through New Year’s, these could save you a lot of time and money.


This is one of the most popular apps for remembering and taking quick notes. You can sync with your desktop Write down that amazing gift idea you had for someone or keep track of your holiday parties more efficiently than ever.

Kayak / Skyscanner

These two travel apps are great for finding flights. They offer great filters for price and departure time and cover most of the big airlines.

Find My iPhone

We’re always pushing people to set up Find My iPhone (as well as iPad, MacBook, etc) because they’re so important. And especially with all of the traveling, coat changing, car sharing, and grandma’s couch sitting you’re going to be doing this holiday season-- you’re probably going to misplace your phone somewhere. Set up Find My iPhone today or you might regret it later.


This $.99 app offers some handy little features and filters to help take top-notch photos of all your Ugly Christmas Sweater shindigs and New Year’s Eve soirees.

Price Check by Amazon / RedLaser

Make sure you’re getting the best bargain when shopping for gifts with one of these apps that easily scan barcodes and find the best prices for what you want to buy. Save some money when buying for others so you can stop into The MacExperience and load up on accessories for your new Apple gifts this winter.

Happy Shopping!