Survive Black Friday By Changing The Rules

Are you a Black Friday shopper? Well, millions of Americans awake from a turkey-induced slumber early Friday morning to stand in line and fight for position to get their Christmas shopping done. A recent CNN article  talked about a family of bargain hunters known as a “coupon-tourage” who treat Black Friday shopping like a tactical military invasion. Some people, it seems, really do love the challenge.

But for most people, it’s not about the experience, it’s about the savings. So if you could avoid Black Friday and enjoy a stress-free week of savings and holiday shopping, you’d do it, right?

Celebrate Anti-Black Friday with The MacExperience

We’re not playing by the rules anymore. We’re offering amazing deals on Apple products like MacBook Airs, iPhone cases, gift cards, bags and more in the three days leading up to Thanksgiving.

The catch? You know there’d be a catch, right? You have to follow us on Twitter to see the deals that we’ll announce each morning, beginning Monday, November 19th.

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It will be worth the wait when you can get savings of up to $200 on select MacBook Airs and gift certificates when you buy certain Apple mobile devices that were on your shopping list already.

Trust us, you’ll want to follow us on Twitter and check out these Anti-Black Friday deals, available at our retail locations in Bloomington, Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville and the Greenwood Park Mall.

So come on in before Black Friday battles lower your life expectancy, and sleep in on Friday and enjoy watching the consumer mayhem while you enjoy a hot cup of coffee and spend some time with your family.