Make Your iPhone Last When The Power Is Out

Power Outage CandleWith ice and snow and all sorts of winter weather hitting Indiana over the next months, you need to make sure you’re prepared for what really matters. No, not stocking up on milk and bread. We’re talking about making sure your iPhone stays charged when the power goes out. Even if the power, Internet and phone lines are down, your iPhone can be your gateway to getting safety information or maybe just getting in touch with a friend that you can stay with until the power returns.

Here are four quick tips to maximize your battery life during a power outage.

  1. Keep your laptop charged before a storm hits. You can get several full phone charges out of your laptop. But be sure to save the battery on your MacBook, too. Turn off Airport (which can drain battery even if there is no Internet) and lower the brightness on your screen.
  2. Turn off WiFi, Bluetooth and “Push” notifications on your phone immediately and don’t run unnecessary apps -- so, sorry, Angry Birds, even though we’re stuck at home and bored, there won’t be any spare battery to waste on you.
  3. Text, don’t call. Phone calls will drain your battery faster than texting.
  4. Get accessory chargers.There are chargers that are powered by AA batteries as well as car chargers.

BE CAREFUL with car chargers though -- don’t run your engine in an enclosed space like a garage, as the exhaust fumes can cause dizziness and even death!

When the power goes out, spring into action to maximize your iPhone’s battery life. And get all of your battery accessories from The MacExperience before winter snows make driving a headache.