College Kids, Keep Your Apple Gear Safe

It’s a fact: College campuses provide many opportunities for some thief to snag your electronics. You are always moving between classes, working on group projects, leaving your computer out in the library while you go grab coffee and more. Now there are funny stories involving stolen MacBooks, like This Guy Has My MacBook, but most stories just end with infuriated people wishing they had backed up their files while they start saving money for a new laptop.

After all, according to an FBI study, 97 percent of stolen laptops are never recovered.

Now most people aren’t going to try and grab your MacBook, iPhone, iPad or headphones, but it’s naive to think it couldn’t happen to you.

Always Take Your Stuff With You Even if you’re just going away for a second, never leave your Apple devices laying around, particularly your iPad or iPhone, as they can easily be grabbed and stored without anyone noticing.

Lock It Down MacBooks comes with a specifically-designed cable hole so you can lock your computer to your desk or other large/stationary object. Surprisingly, many people still don’t use the simplest and most effective way to prevent theft. You don’t have to lock it down every time you sit down in class, but if you’re in the library or working at a coffeehouse, then there is no reason you shouldn’t have it secured.

Get a Comfortable Bag and Keep It Secure If you have a bag that feels good on your shoulder, stores all of your gear, and of course looks amazing, the more you’ll get in a good habit of taking it with you.

Form good habits when taking your bag to class, the library or when out during lunch. Keep it where you can see it, and if you put it on the ground, stick the leg of your chair through the shoulder sling. You’d be surprised how easy it is for someone to slide your bag over to them when you’re distracted by friends or a lecture, especially in large auditorium classes that freshmen at IU, Purdue and Ball State know all so well.

It’s also a good idea to get a bag with some built-in impact protection as drops and bumps are going to happen when you’re lugging it across campus every day.

Backup, Backup, Backup! We’ve covered how simple it is to use TimeMachine earlier, so if you aren’t backing up your files regularly, now is the time to start. It’s surprisingly simple. And if you do get your MacBook stolen, at least you won’t lose your pictures, movies, documents and programs.

Keep your Apple gear safe the same way you would any other possession. You wouldn’t assume the person next to you wouldn’t steal your wallet or purse if you left for a minute, so why would you take the chance with a device that holds more personal information and is as valuable to a thief as a stack of hundred dollar bills?

For more security questions, like data backup, data encryption and utilizing the cloud for finding a lost or stolen Apple product, talk to The MacExperience today.