Bringing Heartland Truly Moving Pictures Into The Digital Age

By Ben Traub, Account Manager

I remember 10 years ago when the Heartland Film Festival would take over the (now-demolished) Castleton Arts Theatre while I was working at the nearby United Arts & Education, laminating day passes for VIPs at the cost of $1.50 a foot. Back then, those passes were printed on someone’s printer at home. Ten years later, the Heartland Film Festival is working with the MacExperience to set a new standard for film festivals around the world.

As one of the “new guys” at the MacExperience, I was almost giddy when I found out we’d been working to update the fest’s delivery of some of the best indie films in the world. Adam Howell, Operations Manager of Heartland Truly Moving Pictures, has a vision for showing films in a digital age that will enhance the experience of both the audience and the filmmakers. That vision includes a Macintosh set up, now in its first phase, which will be expanded in years to come:


-(1) MacPro Two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon "Westmere" (8 cores)/6GB RAM/Mac Pro RAID card/1TB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3GB/s hard drive/ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB/Superdrive -(1) Drobo S 5bay eSATA & FireWire 800 & USB 3. Storage Enclosure

-(3) 2.0TB 7K2000 7200RPM SATA I/II HD with 32MB Cache


Ben Traub: What level of standard to you hope to create with the configuration and what problems/solutions can come from it?

Adam Howell: We hope to raise the quality level not only to make the presentation better for the consumers, but also to reduce equipment and duplication costs (for filmmakers).


B.T.: How is this set up different than what other film festivals use?

A.H.: No other festival that shows features is using a digital-based system. The major festivals are still asking for 35mm or HDCAM.


B.T.: Will this make things easier come time for screening?

A.H.: The amount of man hours that this would reduce would be very beneficial for a small staff with limited resources. (ed. note: Truly Moving Pictures is a Non-Profit organization) Additionally, it will eliminate the need for so many different types of film formats, making everything more consistent.


B.T.: What are the goals of Truly Moving Pictures?

A.H.: To promote positive change in people's lives through the transformative power of film. And from the operational side, to provide these films with the best viewing quality to not distract from the goal of the film.


B.T.: How has your overall experience been working with the MacExperience?

A.H.: Working with MacExperience has been so easy. They truly know how to address whatever need you have, and in the process, find the most cost-effective way to do it. They truly care about their customers.


This year’s festival is scheduled for October 18th-27th. Learn more at