Apple Press Conference Review Roundup

Apple’s iPhone 5 launch event last week revealed a new thinner and lighter iPhone with a larger screen. After the unveiling, some lucky duck members of the media got a little time to mess around with the iPhone 5 before it’s launch. What’s the general consensus? Most are saying there are plenty of little changes that make the iPhone 5 a much better phone overall.

We rounded up a few highlights from the across the interwebs just for you:

Anand Lal Shimpi and Brian Klug of AnandTech said the phone has great “hand-feel” that they found difficult to describe.

“The iPhone 5 also feels substantially different in the hand. It always shocks me how much a simple materials change makes something feel, and it's always impossible to convey these differences, but the lighter and thinner form factor is very perceptible. The 4 and 4S always felt solid, the 5 moves to a much more ethereal form, and the lightness almost makes it feel like a hollow metal box. It's very hard to convey.”


John Biggs of Techcrunch found the biggest draw to be the larger screen.

“I’m really interested to see how it improves the experience in real-world conditions. Obviously you’re getting just a bit more real estate and the Lightning connector allows for far more room for battery and processor."

-- writer Chrisina Bonnington summed her thoughts, which aligned with most opinions of the device, as:

“It’s another iPhone. Just longer. And better. Although there may not be one individual feature about it that makes you scream, 'I’ve got to have it now!', all the improvements together make it a gotta-have handset.”

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