What Makes Retina Display So Amazing?

You keep hearing about the retina display, but what makes it so special? Apple is integrating this into more and more devices, most recently the MacBook Pro. The retina display is the highest resolution screen display, making the new MacBook Pro the world’s highest resolution notebook. You can see a demo here.

A screen with five MILLION pixels and 2880x1800 resolution you get more color & contrast with less glare. What does this mean? You can see better at almost every angle, with detail you have yet to experience, where everything is vivid and sharp.

It doesn’t get clearer than this, and the only way to understand it is to see it for yourself.

There are plenty of marketing gimmicks out there, companies that will throw words around in the hopes of impressing you without actually offering anything revolutionary. That simply isn’t the case with the Retina. It delivers simply superior images, and that is important for designers, film editors or even people who just want to watch HD video on their Mac products.

So come in for a visit to see it side by side with a non-retina display and experience it for yourself!