How To Maximize Battery Life on Your iPhone

Here are quick steps to maximize the battery life of your iPhone by turning off unnecessary apps and features. So worry less about the battery on your iPhone and enjoy all of the features it offers. Turn Off Bluetooth

Bluetooth can eat up battery. If you don't use any Bluetooth devices regularly, you are safe to disable the Bluetooth antenna. You can do so through Settings > General > Bluetooth then by sliding the Bluetooth ON/OFF toggle to OFF.

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Disable 'Push' Email

Turning off  push email will stop your phone from constantly searching for email and save battery life. To do so go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data and slide the Push toggle to OFF.

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Disable Unneeded Notifications

Many apps will ask you whether or not you would like to receive  push notifications upon install. Disabling push notifications, therefore your iPhone's searching for new updates, will save battery. To disable push notifications at any time, go to Settings > Notifications. Select an app and selecte NONE as the Alert Style.

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Turning Off Location Services

There are two options here: you can either turn off location services all together to prevent your iDevice from polling its internal GPS antenna by going to Settings > Location Services > and slide the Location Services ON/OFF toggle to OFF. The second option would be going to Settings > Location Services then individually toggling certain applications that use the GPS.

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Apps with a purple arrow next to them are currently using the GPS. Apps with a grey arrow next to them have accesssed GPS within the past 24 hours.

Hardware Solutions

If you find yourself still needing better battery life, the Mophie Juice Pack may be an option. The Juice Pack is compatible with iPhone 4 or 4S only. The MacExperience carries both the Mophie Juice Pack Plus (200mAH - $99) which can add up to an additional 8 hours of talktime on 3G and Mophie Juice Pack Air (1500mAH - $79) which can add up to an additional 6 hours of talktime on 3G.

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