Warning about New Scam..MacDefender, MacSecurity, now MacProtector: Latest Version of Fake Antivirus Targeting Mac Users

There are some people who will not play nice and they are starting to go after your Mac. Please read these articles on what NOT to do when your asked to download a Mac Anti virus program.Please DO NOT download the following:

MacDefender, MacSecurity, now MacProtector:

Here is a CNET article on the same topic.



I normally would not tell our customers to get an antivirus program, but you still have to be VERY careful on which programs you install on your Mac.

If you are 100% sure you want to use an Mac antivirus program, please look at:


Free edition for Sophos.

Paid program by Intego. http://www.intego.com/

If you have been infected with this Malware, MacExperience can remove it form your Mac for our standard diagnostic charge. Please bring your Mac computer in. No appointment necessary.

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