Business Solutions on a Mac

You can run your entire practice on a Mac, with solutions designed to give you an efficient office with a high standard of care.

There's a Mac solution for you.

Whether you’re a physician concerned about implementing an EMR and adhering to HIPAA requirements, a dentist who needs to integrate charting with digital radiography solutions, or a chiropractor automating a practice, you’ll find the software you need on the Mac.

Simplify Your Practice.

There are Mac solutions to take care of the entire process, from scheduling appointments to entering patient information, to recording the visit, to automating your billing.

The Mac Fits Easily into Your Network.

You have a Windows-based practice? No problem adding the Mac to your network. And now that Macs do Windows, they fit in more comfortably than ever to make your practice more efficient.


Stay in Touch with Your Practice.

The powerful mobile Macs – MacBook, MacBook Pro, and the ultralight MacBook Air – let you manage your practice from anywhere. And with MacPractice on your iPhone you can run things from your purse or pocket.