iOS 8 Message App


Messages, in iOS 8 will be getting a number updates that will make the most used app in iOS even more useful. Here the skinny of what users can look forward to.

One of the more ground breaking additions to Messages is the ability to seamlessly send voice messages without having to leave the app itself.  Apple calls this “Tap to Talk.”

There’s now a microphone icon located to the right of the message window. Users simply need to tap on the icon, record their message and send. Also worth noting is that users can listen to voice messages by simply raising their iPhone up to their ear. In addition to audio, Messages also allows users to quickly send short video messages.

Because voice and video messages are larger than standard messages,  they will self-destruct as to save storage space. Message recipients, though, can  keep selected audio and video messages of their choosing. Kind of like Snapchat meets iOS.

Another improvement to Messages in iOS 8 is that it finally gives users more control over group text conversations that they’re a part of. You will finally have the ability to leave group texting threads (I hate it when my phone is blowing up in a conversation I don’t care about), add or remove other participants, and elect not to be disturbed every time a group text flies in.

The new Messages app gives you the ability to see all the photos and videos ever sent in a particular conversation without having to hit “Load Earlier Messages”. For anyone who has had to press that button 365,241 times to find a photo sent weeks if not months earlier, this feature is a godsend.

Speaking of photos, Messages in iOS 8 now supports the ability to send multiple photos and videos concurrently.

And lastly, a add-on to the upcoming Messages feature set is the ability to quickly share your location with friends.

Apple describes the feature as:

“Where are you?” Answer that question more clearly than ever with a map showing your location. You can also share your whereabouts with people you choose for an hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely. And you can see people in the message thread on a map if they’ve shared their locations.

This will make connecting with friends easier than it’s been with “Find My Friends.”

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