How To Set Up Time Machine

Backing up your computer files is like exercising; it’s something that everyone knows they should do, but few take the time to actually do it. But Apple has made the hassle of backing up your files as simple as possible with Time Machine.
Time machine keeps hourly backups for 24 hours, daily backups for a month and weekly backups until your drive is full. OS X Lion and Mountain Lion also give the ability to encrypt your backup files giving you added security. Time Machine will automatically back up:

  • System files
  • Applications
  • Preferences
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Movies
  • Documents
  • and more

All you have to do is connect a hard drive, and Apple will guide you through the rest.

You can use either an external hard drive connected with Thunderbolt, USB or FireWire, or if you have installed a secondary internal hard drive on your machine you can use that. Open Time Machine and if it will ask if you use would like to backup your computer to the new hard drive. Simply click “Use as Backup Disk” and your preferences will open allowing you to encrypt your files, how often you would like Time Machine to backup your system and more.

For more information and directions on manually preparing a disk for Time Machine, visit this Apple Support page.

So how big of an external hard drive will you need? Well it depends on how much and how often you want to backup. Most people will require between 500GB and 2TB’s worth of space.

Stop into one of our MacExperience locations and we can answer your backup questions and provide you with the hard drives you need to make sure your musics, photos, documents and movies are kept safe.

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